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Ayo Aidari”, is a Santhal term,which literary means “Rights of women”. It is known facts that tribal are neglected and remaining backward in terms of their rights and entitlements. Different legislations have been enacted to protect their rights but they have least knowledge about such legislations. Unawareness, ignorance, illiteracy and poverty have undermined their welfare. In state like Jharkhand life of tribal is more pathetic and they are way far from the modern concept of development. Most of their habitations found in geographically difficult areas and basic facilities like proper road communication, safe drinking water, education infrastructures and basic health services are still beyond their reach.

When we talk about status of tribal women in this respect, they are regarded nothing more than work machines. Very often they are subject to torture and inhumane treatment by the male. Their marital status bears no special value in terms of their rights and entitlements because of accepted polygamy system in the tribal community and on the other side the tribal women do not posses any right to go against the will of their male counterparts. Unlike other community neither the tribal women are entitled to coparcenary rights of their ancestral property nor do they claim right over property of their husband which makes them more dependant and neglected as well.

During early 80s a group of 17 young tribal women were volunteering a campaign called “Aidari” which means “Right” through an organisation known as “Ajithi” in different parts of Jharkhand (Previously undivided Bihar). The campaign “Aidari” aimed at creating awareness among the tribal about their rights and entitlements. While volunteering the campaign these young women realized that the social status of tribal women is even worse than the men. In view, that unless tribal women are developed, the development of tribal community in true sense cannot be achieved. Having realized this, these young volunteers shifted their focus from mere “Aidari” (right of tribal) to “Ayo Aidari” (right of tribal women) and started working to empower the tribal women and to support them to get their rights. Hence they formed an organisation for this purpose and named it “Ayo Aidari Trust” and got it registered in the year 1998.